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We are hiring!
Last Updated 8 months ago

Are you interested in being behind the scenes? We are looking for the next generation of people to join our team and help bring JetStream Radio into the next decade. With an ever-growing team and list of official partners, now is a perfect time to join us in the community and learn what values our staff team possesses.

You will work hand-in-hand with the Operations Team, no matter what your role is, as well as the managers tasked with running certain areas of the station. Every day allows us to progress further, and with several new things in the works, you could be amongst the first people to see the vast overhauls and provide your unique input and feedback which the management team will consider when creating the next generation of JetStream Radio!

Our current vacancies are available on our application form according to operational needs. Show Host applications are currently open indefinitely.

All applicants must meet the criteria detailed in the Application Guidelines and on our website:

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