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Who do I contact?
Last Updated a year ago

Sometimes queries can be few and far between and we often cannot write an article for a smaller issue. Nevertheless, we have 3 departments that can be used for other queries.

  • The Management topic is there for the most important and time critical issues. The management team will respond within 24 hours*. It should be used to report DJs that have been inappropriate, as well as major issues with the station due to the fast reaction of the team. This can also be used for queries from parents/guardians about the station.
  • Public Relations & Community should be used to clarify information regarding events as well as our use of social media and any general queries in this area.
  • General should be used for general queries about who we are and what we do, as well as requests for support with the use of Discord and other services we use at JetStream Radio. Despite us not being officially partnered with Discord, we will still aim to help you get to grips with the program and how to connect to and use the JetStream Radio server.
If in doubt, submit a ticket to General Support and the team can transfer the ticket to the correct department.

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